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Meeting Room Policy

  1. The meeting room is available for public use during regular library hours. There is no rental fee during regular library business hours; however, the Library welcomes contributions to help defray utility expenses.
  2. The meeting room may be reserved for use after library hours (nights and weekends); however, there is a $25 after-hour maintenance fee for each program.
  3. The meeting room may be reserved on a long-term recurring basis only if reservations are made on a week-to-week or month-to-month basis.
  4. The meeting room is not available for use by political organizations. This includes political candidates and groups that promote disruptive activities.
  5. In any publicity concerning the use of the meeting room, individuals and/or organizations are to make it clear that the Library is not a sponsor of the meeting.
  6. The group reserving the meeting room is responsible for setting up the meeting room before each meeting and returning it to its original arrangement when each meeting is over. Anyone using the kitchen is responsible for appropriate clean up, including washing dishes, emptying trash and cleaning counters.
  7. Any equipment needed should be reserved in advance of meeting dates. Groups should also provide operators who are familiar with audiovisual equipment. Equipment must be checked out at the Circulation desk by a group member who has a library card.
  8. The meeting room is not available for private parties or private receptions.
  9. No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, gambling, or firearms shall be permitted on the Library grounds or in the Library facility.
  10. No smoking or use of tobacco products is allowed in the building and within 25 feet of any entrance.
  11. Organizational 501(c)3 documentation from the IRS may be required.
  12. Exceptions to all of these rules may apply, particularly with regards to the Library Board, Friends of the Library, Funding Agencies or other organizations.
  13. A key will be issued (if needed). The key must be returned to the Library on the next Library working day after the meeting takes place, unless other agreements have been made with the Director. If the key is not returned, the person signing this agreement will be charged $50 to have the lock re-keyed and new keys made.
  14. Any additional costs incurred for cleaning or damages beyond the amount in item 2 above will be charged to and the responsibility of the person signing this agreement.